1. About 3D Wizardry

3D Wizardry is a design studio specializing in 3D imaging. Whether your project is intended for output to 2D Print, 3D lenticular or onto video,  3D Wizardry has the technical and artistic skills to bring your concept to “life”.

Dynamic or Lenticular printing offers a unique, eye-catching solution that has proven marketing results. While the range of effects possible with lenticular printing includes glasses-free 3D prints, a number of animation effects such as image flips, zooms, morphs, color changes, short animations and combinations of any of the above, are also possible.

3D Wizardry’s founder, Peter J. Sucy, is a 27-year veteran of Rochester’s Eastman Kodak Company. As one of the original architects of the modern digital photographic system, he designed and developed many of the very first digital products Kodak shipped. Peter also served as a consultant for the Dynamic Imaging Division, Kodak’s lenticular imaging group.

An advocate for the benefits of digital capture, he helped transition the group from film to digital, pioneered new methods of 3D capture, and introduced the use of 3D modeling/rendering tools for the creation of lenticular images. In fact, actually creating a number of lenticular pieces for clients including Disney, Purina, Pepsi, Martell, Reebok and others.

This combination of artistic skills and technical experience is what sets 3D Wizardry apart from the competition. Utilizing advanced 3D modeling and rendering tools, state of the art 3D photographic capture, photographic object to model digitization, digital image manipulation, compositing, digital paint synthesis and 2D to 3D conversion techniques, 3D Wizardry offers you a wide range of capabilities. Everything from converting your 2D product art into to 3D, digitizing your product into a 3D model, to capturing or creating a new scene in 3D. Give us call to learn how we can help you develop images with impact!

  1. We work with multiple printers to find you the best solution and pricing for your particular application.

  2. We provide proofs of all projects before proceeding into full production. 

  3. Note: We use only the highest quality production and reproduction services and we’ll find the best solution to complete your printing project. You won’t have to find one by hit or miss. A miss could be costly.

  1. 3D Wizardry offers consulting services on many different aspects of 3D imaging to businesses, printers, lenticular artists, photographers and students.

  2. Photographic techniques, 3D conversion processes, 3D modeling tools, lenticular printing, 3D object digitization, digital paint synthesis, image scaling techniques and much more.

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    Contact Info:     phone: 585-278-4045     email: pjsucy@3dwizardry.com