3D Wizardry is pleased to announce our new 2D to 3D Artwork Conversion & Printing Service for Artists and Photographers. Let us turn your 2D artwork or digital photos into stunning, glasses-free, 3D lenticular prints. Generate additional income from your artworks by selling limited edition 3D print versions.  Thanks to our  state of the art software, with exclusive grayscale depth mapping technology, and our skilled artists we can create the most realistic and high quality 3D conversion available.  Grayscale depth mapping technology allows us to achieve the look of thousands of separate layers while using only two or three layers with linked grayscale maps. This reduces labor and lowers the cost of conversion.

See Our Video Below for a Quick Overview of the Process.

2D to 3D Artwork Conversion Service


2D to 3D Artwork Conversion Pricing

$375.00 for up to 3 grayscale layers.*

$500.00 for 4-8 grayscale layers.

More than 9 layers, will provide quote.

This is a one time fee to do the interpretation to 3D. The resulting files are saved and you can order additional prints in the future for just the price of the print.

*Few images require more than 3 layers with our grayscale depth mapping process.

For more detailed info on the process click here.

To receive a free quote, just email us a small jpg of your artwork.

We’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have and help you get started.

3D Lenticular Print Pricing


    Contact Info:     phone: 585-278-4045     email: pjsucy@3dwizardry.com