3D Modeled Scene Creation

2D to 3D Image Conversions

  1. We are experts at 3D Capture for lenticular and have expanded on our founder’s Kodak experience to develop a unique and revolutionary way to capture 3D scenes accurately. We can produce highly detailed, multidimensional images that convey a sense of time, space and depth. Your eyes will deceive you.


Convert your product into a 3D visual model. We use high resolution digital photography to create a 3D wireframe and high resolution texture map of your product.

Once digitized it can be imported into one of our 3D studio programs to be illuminated from any angle and photographed virtually.

Virtual photography offers a more cost effective alternative to traditional studio photography.

  1. Do you have an object or product you like and an idea in your mind for a scene around it, but no way to actually produce the entire scene, let alone photograph it?

  2. No Problem. Using the latest 3D software and animation tools we can construct the entire scene, per your direction, as a virtual 3D model. Then we convert  your object/product to a digital 3D model and place it into the scene using high resolution capture and mapping techniques.

  3. Having the scene as a 3D model allows for changing object/product positions, color, labeling, camera angles, lighting, framing, etc. to find the best shot and create the most fullness and depth.

  1. Have a 2D image or graphic you’d like to convert to 3D? Using our state of the art lenticular software we can create the most realistic conversions possible.

  2. The secret is in mapping each individual layer of the image, giving a depth and roundness to the objects that you won’t get from a flat 2D image conversion.

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