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3D  Wizardry Lenticular Design Works


Three-D and animated dynamic print technology is a relatively new and very exciting medium that has only begun to find new uses. Three-D and animated dynamic print collateral will give your products, displays and promo materials much greater impact than traditional printing. 

Imagine business cards and postcards that won’t simply end in the trash. and are more likely to be found decorating someone’s wall or fridge. Large signage and POP displays that will stop people in their tracks.  Unique product 3D & motion graphics. A new medium for artists and photographers to sell reproductions of their work. These are but a few possible applications, perhaps you will help us find some new ones?

The 3D Wizardry Lenticular Design Works studio  offers  a full service 3D image creation experience for dynamic printing. We can translate your 2D photos and graphics into full volumetric 3D images. We can also create your entire project in our virtual 3D studios, where it can be animated, captured in 3D. or both. This process opens the doors to tremendous creative possibilities, at a price point much lower than live model photography. 

To get your project printed, we work with a number of US lenticular printers to find the best fit for your project and your budget.
  1. 3D Scenes   

  2. 3D Scene Two Flip

  3. 3D Scene w/Slight Motion

  4. Animated Clips

  5. Short Video Segments

  6. Morphs

  7. Zooms

  8. Two and Three Image Flips

  1. Advertising
    Direct Mail,, Trade Show Graphics, POP Displays, Promotional Items  Such As Cups, Luggage Tags, Etc.

  2. Architectural
    Interior/Exterior walls, windows, archways, light sources, etc.

  3. Art & Photographic 3D Reproductions

  4. Business Cards & Post Cards

  5. Brochures & Posters

  6. Luxury Travel Vehicles
    Exterior Graphics, LED Backlit 3D Logos, Interior Art, Ceilings, Floors, 3D Flower Niches, Shades, etc. for Motor Coaches, RV’s, Trailers, Yachts, or Airplanes.

  7. Packaging
    CD/DVD/Album Art, Gaming Titles, Book Covers & Product Graphics.

  8. Secure Event Tickets

  9. We Welcome All Types of Commissioned 2D, 3D & Motion, Lenticular Art Projects.


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